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Creative Commons

Telepathe_music_trends_medium Creative Commons License

Caveman Blues

Angry dudes with beards didn't exactly spark her musical interest, but the good times (creatively, that is) are coming back.

Elodie_writing_music_medium Creative Commons License

Keep it Crazy

elodieO likes to keep a fast-paced life to inspire her to write. It takes discipline, but she also has to live in the moment.

Elodie_women_in_music_medium Creative Commons License

Women in Music

There are idiots out there, and sometimes a woman's just got to take matters into her own hands.

Hockey_veggie_oil_van_medium Creative Commons License

Veggie Tales

They're down for green touring, but might wait to try again when the technology has improved.

Hockey_artists_green_movemnt_medium Creative Commons License

Easier to be Green

Bands like Radiohead are opening doors for artists to be more environmentally focused.

Hercules_influences_2_medium Creative Commons License

Hercules and Love Affair
Exploring Gay Identity

Homoerotic myths are a major area of artistic exploration for this act.

Hercules_gay_art_medium Creative Commons License

Hercules and Love Affair
Not Another Half-Naked Man!

There's more to being gay than just sexuality. Art can be about more than just sexy images.

Hercules_censorship_2_medium Creative Commons License

Hercules and Love Affair
The Organic Approach to Sex and Drugs

When you make something a taboo, as with sex and drugs, you may also increase its demand.

Takka_takka_religion_medium Creative Commons License

Takka Takka
Losing My Religion

Religion can be hell on children.

Takka_takka_now_vs_then_3_medium Creative Commons License

Takka Takka
Spotlight Too Soon

Far too often these days acts find themselves in prime-time, unprepared.