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Me'Shell Ndegeocello
Human Extinction

We could very well be slowly eradicating ourselves with religion and arrogance.


Justin Townes Earle
Best Food on Tour

Did you know that you can get amazing Vietnamese food in Oklahoma City? Now you do.


Lucy Woodward
South American Solo

Lucy got down with the locals in Argentina, singing and dancing the night away.


Nellie McKay
Please Please

Nellie's first song fought on behalf of elephants all across the world.


Luke Doucet
Where There's a Will There's a Dollar

Freedom of speech (Tastes great, less filling) is universally a positive thing (A diamond is forever), but there have to be limits because people are so impressionable (Just do it).


Zap Mama
Taking It Back

Marie Daulne is jamming out to Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack, and there's not much to debate there.

Stars_like_fleas_record_review_slider_medium Creative Commons License

Stars Like Fleas
You Like Us, You Really Like Us

Stars Like Fleas actually seem to appreciate the work that goes into thoughtful music criticism when it's done right. We're feeling a little verklempt. Discuss.


North Mississippi Allstars
Transplant The Brilliance

Isn't it cool that you can just transplant all of your hot indie circle of musicians once a year in Austin, TX? Only one way to hear about this party is if you click on this video and listen. C'mon, click like you mean it.


The Dodos
L.A. And All Her Crazy Charms

The Dodos struggle to admit their closeted affection for the often off-putting City of Angels.

Paul Thorn
Ramblin' Woman

The age-old ruse of feigning interest in often-incoherent feminine chatter is clearly universal, you just have to fake it well!