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Jace Everett
Bad Things

If you don't recognize Jace Everett, you surely know his song "Bad Things" from True Blood, and a long out of print album.


Alex Woodard
High School Emotions and Songwriting Don't Mix

The song's about suicide, but I'm okay. Really.


Luke Doucet
Where There's a Will There's a Dollar

Freedom of speech (Tastes great, less filling) is universally a positive thing (A diamond is forever), but there have to be limits because people are so impressionable (Just do it).


SXSW Music City

Dude, SXSW is like cutting off a city from civilization and saying "Fuck it, let's have one big massive music party before we starve to death. It'll be groovy"


North Mississippi Allstars
Transplant The Brilliance

Isn't it cool that you can just transplant all of your hot indie circle of musicians once a year in Austin, TX? Only one way to hear about this party is if you click on this video and listen. C'mon, click like you mean it.


Paul Thorn
Ramblin' Woman

The age-old ruse of feigning interest in often-incoherent feminine chatter is clearly universal, you just have to fake it well!


The Two Man Gentlemen Band
Come A Courtin'

Stare, sing, smile, wear neckties. Whatever it takes to improve their fan base. The Gentlemen are willing to try.

Killing Cassanova
Busch (like the beer)

Actually, I'm going to disagree with you guys on this one. I don't think George Bush would be that fun to party with. I'd roll with Bill Clinton over him any day.