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Zap Mama


Zap Mama
Indian Indie

Turns out it's a creative outlet and not something from Mumbai. Although, there are 13 million people there, so who knows what the kids are coming up with.


Zap Mama
Attitude vs Energy

F.Y.I. Zap Mama came before M.I.A.


Zap Mama
Sit Down Marie!

This woman can't sit still, and New York is a pretty great place to take to the streets.


Zap Mama
I Heart NY

Marie can't even talk with her old neighbor in West New York (which is actually in New Jersey, go figure), but damn that woman can cook a fine meal.

Zap_mama_feminine_approach_medium Creative Commons License

Zap Mama
Natural Woman

Ladies have a natural camaraderie that Marie felt was missing when she collaborated with men, a certain je ne se quoi.


Zap Mama
A Feminine Touch

Jill Scott makes Marie growl with power. And men, fess up to that feminine side you've been hiding.


Zap Mama
The Name Your Mama Gave Ya

Zing. Pow. Zap! Yes. Zap Mama!

Zap_mama_catagorization_medium Creative Commons License

Zap Mama
Third World Music

What the hell is "world music" anyway? That section at the record store always stunk, and maybe it's because the buyer couldn't see past his sideswept bangs.


Zap Mama
Just a Word

Staying true vs. selling out. How has your opinion changed since those fiery teenage days?

Zap_mama_american_healthacare_medium Creative Commons License

Zap Mama
American Healthcare Sucks

Those Northern European countries really know how to take care of their people. What's our problem?