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Wild Sweet Orange


Wild Sweet Orange
The Way You Love Me

Preston discloses a top-secret obsession of the Hill and McGraw kind. 


Wild Sweet Orange
Hometown Idols

Wild Sweet Orange is pretty down on the extremely popular, prime time, glorified karaoke contest.


Wild Sweet Orange

Imagine Wild Sweet Orange in blond bowl cut wigs and brightly colored clothing backing the great Andre 3000.

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Wild Sweet Orange
Best On Earth, Best On Mars

Red, black and white never looked so sweet, especially with an air pocket. Come on guys, Air Jordans freakin’ rule!

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Wild Sweet Orange
Go Orange

Preston discusses his theory on our rotten relationship with Mother Nature and how it better change, pronto.

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Wild Sweet Orange
Government's Child

Although it recently worked for him, Chip is pretty down on American health care.

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Wild Sweet Orange
They're Coming To America

Deporting all illegal immigrants would be like removing the spine from the American skeleton.


Wild Sweet Orange
Voices Carry

Preston sites influences form a broad spectrum of sources, rockers Aimee Mann, Ben Folds Five, Elliot Smith and The Cure, director David Lynch and authors O’Connor and Percy.


Wild Sweet Orange
Certifiable Channel

It’s time to stage an intervention; MTV must to go to both rehab and juvie in order to clean up its musical act.

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Wild Sweet Orange
Soul In Your Face

Preston believes the music industry has become a lot more shoving and shitting and a lot less intimate.