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The Color Fred


The Color Fred
We Be Illin'

Sick, huh? Do you have an HMO? How about a PPO? No? Guess you're SOL.

The Color Fred
An Inconvenient Truth About Live Earth

You get the feeling people forgot the message of Live Earth when they started littering on their way out of Live Earth.


The Color Fred

Fronting your own band sucks, man. You get all the fame and attention, plus the chance to express yourself emotionally through song. Man, who wants that?

The Color Fred
Fred's Formative Years

If Fred were in Saved By the Bell, he'd have been the lead singer of the band that lost to Zack Attack at the Bayside Battle of the Bands.


The Color Fred
Dirty Bruce

Who did Bruce Springsteen listen to when he was making all his "dirty" records? No one. That's why he's the fucking Boss.

The Color Fred

What would Jesus do in a recording studio? He'd ask Jimmy Page.


The Color Fred
You Say Lemming Like It's a Bad Thing

Anything you can do, Fred can do, well, not necessarily better, but about average.

The Color Fred
Carjacking Part Deux

That's not a carjacking, Fred, that's just a hitchhiker with a "never say die" attitude.


The Color Fred
The Complete Idiot's Guide To Carjacking

Rule #1 for a successful carjack - Make sure you have a license. Rule #2 - Don't move next door to your victim.

The Color Fred
Ye Olde Recorde Store

Bad news - if you own a record store, your services are about as needed right now as the town blacksmith.