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Stars Like Fleas


Stars Like Fleas
Trash Can Ban

The following household items are not allowed on stage: trash cans, pans and hot sauce bottles.


Stars Like Fleas
You Forgot Sam

Shelley attempts to name all 12 band members. Don't worry Sam. They'll remember you when you beat them up.


Stars Like Fleas
Not Creepy at All

Our imagination is running wild, making this is the scariest, funniest advice we've heard all day.

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Stars Like Fleas
You Like Us, You Really Like Us

Stars Like Fleas actually seem to appreciate the work that goes into thoughtful music criticism when it's done right. We're feeling a little verklempt. Discuss.

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Stars Like Fleas
Say What?!

We feel a little uncomfortable telling you how we stand on the issue of gun control, so let's change the subject. How about anal rape?

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Stars Like Fleas
She Can Do It!

Shelley never feels overlooked or slighted because of her gender. But some music circles are still sexist, not that we're calling you out downtown new jazz. Yeah you heard us.


Stars Like Fleas
Dumb Pop Yay!

Stars Like Fleas don't give up the goods all at once. You'll be confused, but hear enough to be satisfied.


Stars Like Fleas
363 Days A Year

It's easy to lose your mind, what with all the problems in the world and inattentive band mates.


Stars Like Fleas
A Little Lazy, a Lot of Great

Shannon gives props to Stars Like Fleas label Home Tapes. Especially since they know how to party at SXSW.


Stars Like Fleas
Put it in Reverse

Can you conduct an improvised orchestra within rigid guidelines in reverse so it's almost like a human sampler? Butch Morris can.