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Sam Champion


Sam Champion
The Trifecta

Pitchfork, Stereogum and Brooklyn Vegan are supposedly the only music blogs that matter. But at the end of the day Noah only listens to what his band thinks.


Sam Champion
Politics for Hire

Politicians could be fixing some problems at home, but they're too busy borrowing money to do things in other places that few approve of.


Sam Champion
Barack Rock

Jack supports Obama and is taking tangible steps of his own to get people involved in change. Check the site here.

Sam_champion_election_2_medium Creative Commons License

Sam Champion
Church and State

They're supposed to be separate but we all know they get blended more often than we'd like to think.


Sam Champion
Brooklyn Jerk

There's some incredible food in Brooklyn.

Sam_champion_change_ny_medium Creative Commons License

Sam Champion
Trashy New York

If there's one thing Jack could change about New York, it would be to start offering people to option to recycle. Hear hear!


Sam Champion
Not So Fond Memories

Sam Champion once performed at the Pussycat Lounge as part of the CMJ Marathon, but we're not so sure it was in 1986.


Sam Champion
CMJ Clusterfuck

For some bands it's a huge opportunity. For Sam Champion it's kind of a hassle.

Sam_champion_commercialism_medium Creative Commons License

Sam Champion
If Led Zeppelin Does it...

Selling songs for commerical use must be OK.


Sam Champion
Trouble in Paradise

Two straight guys dating each other never works out. Take it from Jack and Noah.