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Paul Thorn


Paul Thorn
Chicken Breath

An expert farmer must be well skilled at cattle wrangling, sheep sheering and most importantly poultry resuscitation.

Paul Thorn
Cold Cocked

Paul is a tolerant man, but if you disrupt his performance, you’ll be subject to his Mississippi guns.


Paul Thorn
Ramblin' Woman

The age-old ruse of feigning interest in often-incoherent feminine chatter is clearly universal, you just have to fake it well!
Paul_thorn_american_idol_medium Creative Commons License

Paul Thorn
Idle Wreck

Although American Idol cheapens the industry, Paul sympathizes for the Idols that were ostracized and buried.


Paul Thorn
Paul Hendrix

If Paul's childhood sweetheart looked a little more familiar, perhaps she would have gotten a little more that evening than a walk down memory lane and a mind full of regret.
Paul_thorn_say_no_medium Creative Commons License

Paul Thorn
Putrid Parrot Heads

We praise anyone who can steer clear of Margaritaville!

Paul_thorn_first_album_medium Creative Commons License

Paul Thorn
Roller Devil

At the rink, Paul was introduced to the darkest, most demonically powerful being of the 80’s; He who doesn’t require money, fame or a credit card to ride his train.


Paul Thorn
Fascinating Friends

It’s only a matter of time before reality television sinks to this level.

Paul_thorn_stagecapades_medium Creative Commons License

Paul Thorn
Ageing & Raging

Picture Paul getting the crowd fired up about car payments, back problems and tomorrow’s carpool.


Paul Thorn
Kind Kristofferson

Paul Thorn is blessed with an awesome endorsement from a true musical legend.