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Paul Thorn


Paul Thorn
The Big City

To Paul Thorn, New York is just another city to roll through, where he hits a gig and then the hotel.
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Paul Thorn
That's Amore

"Ain't That a Kick in the Head,” from his Mississippi minister dad, to the Ring-a-ding rat pack, Paul’s influences are all over the place.


Paul Thorn
De Da Da Da

Paul was ‘The King of Pain,’ ‘So Lonely,’ working in a chair factory until he received a ‘Message In A Bottle,’ from Mr. Copeland, and was suddenly ‘Walking on the Moon.’

Paul Thorn
Say It Ain't So

If Paul slapped on some thick framed glasses, tight pants, a retro sweater and learned to harmonize, surely he could fit in with those Weezer boys.

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Paul Thorn
Pathetic Politics

Plain and simple, it seems like American politics is about choosing the lesser douche bag who gives the slightly straighter answer.

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Paul Thorn
Major Label Fable

Paul describes his decision to avoid the majors and reap the full benefits of owning his art.


Paul Thorn
Life Message

Paul prolifically discusses the meaning of life through his song, ‘When The Long Road Ends.’
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Paul Thorn
God’s Business

Despite God’s omniscience and omnipotence, for some strange reason he is always short on cash.

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Paul Thorn
Putrid Parrot Heads

We praise anyone who can steer clear of Margaritaville!

Paul_thorn_religion_medium Creative Commons License

Paul Thorn
Healthy Holiness

Paul shed the extremist religious shackles of the past, to form a realistic relationship with God.