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Other Lives


Other Lives
Music: It's Not for Everybody

One person's music is another person's noise.


Other Lives
There's More to Concerts Than a Raised Lighter

Equally valid concert memories can also come from quieter, more acoustic festivals.

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Other Lives
Increasing Sufferers' Visibility

The organization Invisible Children comes along on tour to increase awareness of Uganda's social problems.


Other Lives

No, not Jesus! When wondering about uncharted commercial territory, ask yourself, what would Neil Young do?

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Other Lives
Everybody Forgets the Hip-Hop Beats

No matter the endeavor, it seems there's always room for second guessing.


Other Lives
Watch Out For Steve

The man may have a nice ride and a big wad of cash, but he also slows down productivity whenever he comes around. Tell Steve to speak with Jimi's ghost, instead.


Other Lives
Exotic Food High

Whole foods beats exotic Indian food, hands down.


Other Lives
Guitar Hero Pros and Cons

You can lead a kid to Guitar Hero, but you can't make him learn to play guitar.


Other Lives
Woody Guthrie Would Be Proud

Tales of the Dust Bowl are timely once again in our recession ravaged country.