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Loney Dear


Loney Dear
Plane Awful

While he may never have met a man he didn't like, he's rarely met one airport he could stand.


Loney Dear
Living in the Moment

Life is all about enjoying the temporary satisfaction of it all.


Loney Dear
California, Here I Come

L.A.'s fine, but north of California is even better.


Loney Dear
The Good and Bad of Touring

Touring is the best of times and the worst of times.


Loney Dear
Brothers From Other Musical Mothers

Jens Lekman may actually be on the same page, only singing to an entirely different congregation.


Loney Dear
Good for Starters

Sub Pop was a great label to start with, which leaves little room for regrets.

Loney_dear_swedish_scene_medium Creative Commons License

Loney Dear
Weather Matters

The cold gives artists some of the get-up-and-go they need to, well, get up and go.

Loney_dear_swedish_scene_2_medium Creative Commons License

Loney Dear
It's More than the Meatballs

Sometimes it's cooler to think about an artist's music than actually listening to the music. Strangely true.


Loney Dear
It Feels Modern

The continuing newness of techno music is a strange attraction.


Loney Dear
Talent? Who Needs Talent?

Sometimes it's hard to tell if techno creators have much musical skill. And that's kind of a good thing.