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Justin Townes Earle


Justin Townes Earle
Best Food on Tour

Did you know that you can get amazing Vietnamese food in Oklahoma City? Now you do.

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Justin Townes Earle
Thoughts on American Idol

Instead of laughing at American Idol, people are actually watching it. There is something very wrong with that.


Justin Townes Earle
Best Gift Received on Tour

There is a lot of down time while touring, so a thick book makes just the perfect gift.


Justin Townes Earle
Best Live Show

Elvis is God, and I'm not talking about the bloated lounge singer.


Justin Townes Earle
Can't Live Without...

Everyone needs a vice. Something to calm you down when the madness happens. Mr. Earle just wants a smoke.


Justin Townes Earle
Circle of Friends

Justin Townes Earle likes to hit the road with such fine acts as the Felice Brothers and Jason Isbell.


Justin Townes Earle
Collaboration Wish List

Sometimes it is best not to wish for anything, cause your wish just might come true.


Justin Townes Earle
Favorite SXSW Moment

When vacationing in Texas, beware the pre-dawn rattle of a shopping cart.


Justin Townes Earle
First Song...Live!

Sit back and enjoy a tune by Mr. Earle.


Justin Townes Earle
Advice to Live By

Keep reading and reading 'til your eyes grow weary. Trouble won't find you if you are knee deep into a book.