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Fight Like Apes


Fight Like Apes
The Peach Pit

Fight Like Apes have dreams of playing 90210's The Peach Pit, joining history alongside bands like The Corrs.


Fight Like Apes
The New 90210

The new generation of 90210 just isn't as wholesome. Bring back the original!


Fight Like Apes
Mexican Coke

No, no. The kind you drink.


Fight Like Apes
Who Do You Think You Are?

An annoying fan turns out to be a lesson in rock star ego.


Fight Like Apes
Internet Piracy Protaginators

They're guilty of internet piracy like everyone else, but we'll let it slide since they also make up awesome new words.


Fight Like Apes
Free For a Week

If you like the music, come to a gig. They might be a band but they still need some moola.


Fight Like Apes
Pop Culture References

Everyone digs a little pop culture, even though it's not something we ever need to partake in again.


Fight Like Apes
Latching On

Fans easily catch on to the pop culture references in the music. Everyone likes wrestling, right?


Fight Like Apes
Back with a Vengeance

Not only are pirates a real concern, water is being wasted.


Fight Like Apes
Coming Out of The Trekkie Closet

He hasn't quite mixed with his own kind yet, but if you buy an album he'll have the money to get a costume and unite with his people.