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Death Vessel


Death Vessel
Northeast is the Place for Me

Joel sees the rest of the world on tour, but he'll probably always feel most comfortable in the Northeastern U.S.


Death Vessel
Simple Men

The guys like baking, the forest, smoking pot and hanging out with family. No mention of long walks on the beach.


Death Vessel
Favorite Songs on the Album

"Block My Eyes" is a gem, while Don plays banjo on "Fences Around Field."


Death Vessel
First Songs

Joel can't exactly remember the earliest songs he wrote, but "Forces" was a memorable one that came a bit later.


Death Vessel
Insular World

There was lots to be angry about in high school. Sounds familiar!


Death Vessel
Keep it Moving

Joel had a stable upbringing, but developed wanderlust as an adult.

Death_vessel_politics_medium Creative Commons License

Death Vessel
Old and Bitter

Don doesn't lean as far left as he once did, but has read enough Howard Zinn to know politics are evil.

Death_vessel_recession_tips_medium Creative Commons License

Death Vessel
Recession Tips

Rice and beans and live within your means.

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Death Vessel
Who's that Girl with a Mustache?

Oh, it's Joel. And that's just how he sings.

Death_vessel_songwriting_medium Creative Commons License

Death Vessel
Take You There

The process of songwriting is getting to the places you don't get to go every day.