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Ben Taylor


Ben Taylor
Songwriting Virginity

Peaking with your first song as a musician is like losing your virginity to Monica Bellucci.


Ben Taylor
Famous Friends

Your crazy old uncle, wreaking of bourbon and hitting on girls half his age? Oh, that's just Sean Connery.

Ben_taylor_healthcare_medium Creative Commons License

Ben Taylor
Canadian Health Care

Ben thought he said "ten dollar knee surgery," but that's just Canadian for flapjacks and maple syrup.


Ben Taylor
Sex Talk With Mom

There's fame and glamor and then there's going on The Howard Stern Show multiple times with your mom and being comfortable with it.


Ben Taylor
Everything Is Indie

The purest part of "indie" might be ownership but that bicep tattoo is a close second.


Ben Taylor
MySpace Girls

Ben Taylor is his own MySpace administrator. John McCain does not know what MySpace is.

Ben_taylor_karma_medium Creative Commons License

Ben Taylor
Karma Chameleon

Karma is not tit-for-tat, but don't worry, you'll get yours.


Ben Taylor
Kung Folk

Kung Fu + Folk Music = Kung Folk. Please add mathematician to that resume.


Ben Taylor
NYC Debauchery

Though no stranger to reckless debauchery, Taylor prefers to keep it real easy and exquisite in the city's finest Argentinian establishment.


Ben Taylor
Pre-Show Rituals

Inviting spirits to a concert might very well result in a first row consisting of Sonny Bono, Napoleon Bonaparte and Norma Jean herself.