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Ben Jelen

Ben_jelen_new_music_medium Creative Commons License

Ben Jelen
The Earth is Worth it

"Wreckage" is about the future of the planet and offers a little hope, too.

Ben_jelen_gentrification_medium Creative Commons License

Ben Jelen
Gentrification Shame

Although Ben could be seen as a gentrifier, he also loves his neighborhood for all its authenticity.


Ben Jelen
Bio Bag

Ben is all about all-natural products, and it sounds like the geese are too.

Ben_jelen_gay_marriage_medium Creative Commons License

Ben Jelen
Happy Proposal

Ben predicts gay marriage will be made legal because it's natural to be gay and love someone enough to get married.


Ben Jelen
Johnson & Not Ben

Ben wasn't exactly thrilled with an internship at Johnson & Johnson.

Ben_jelen_go_green_medium Creative Commons License

Ben Jelen
Go (and Stay) Green

You have a very strong power as a consumer.


Ben Jelen
Feel the Pulse

Ben hopes to recapture the sound of "Pulse" on his next album.


Ben Jelen
Indie to Me

Once you have entire indie labels, it's just another genre.

Ben_jelen_issues_medium Creative Commons License

Ben Jelen
Environmental Vote

Ben's voting for the environment before it's too late.

Ben_jelen_travel_fuel_medium Creative Commons License

Ben Jelen
Biodiesel Bucks

Ben's tour bus driver also drove George Clinton around, and there was a huge discrepancy between cost of gas between the two tours.