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Amy Ray


Amy Ray
Sounds Off

Amy Ray weighs in on her experience with the Indigo Girls, what it means to be indie these days, why activism is so important and much more.

Amy_ray_gay_marriage_medium Creative Commons License

Amy Ray
Makin' the Law

Amy thinks if politicians just go ahead and make gay marriage legal on a national level, people will accept it without much of a fuss. Sounds like a plan.

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Amy Ray
Green Team

Amy and the rest of the Indigo Girls formed Honor the Earth with Winona LaDuke, a group that tackles all sorts of environmental issues.


Amy Ray
Benny the Penny

Amy's first song made no sense and plagiarized everyone she could think of. You hear that, Elton?


Amy Ray
Raising Arizona

Amy's former intern totally scored by cooly passing along a record of his own band, Arizona.


Amy Ray
What's that Smell?

Let's just say that New York City air is ripe in August.

Amy_ray_being_political_medium Creative Commons License

Amy Ray

Musicians sometimes get called out for being hypocritical, but at least they're out there doing something.

Amy_ray_censorship1_medium Creative Commons License

Amy Ray
Shame on You

They say "fuck" and they're gay? Not in front of my children!

Amy_ray_censorship2_medium Creative Commons License

Amy Ray
Irmo Stand Up!

Censorship led to anti-gay sentiment, which led to a press conference and kids walking out of schools in little old Irmo, South Carolina.


Amy Ray
Stealing the Spotlight

Sometimes the fans take over and do a little performing of their own.