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Amanda Palmer


Amanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer Sounds Off

Amanda Palmer in-depth! Check out this profile as Amanda sounds off on everything from the Dresden Dolls and "Oasis" to Ben Folds and Neil Gaiman.

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Amanda Palmer
The Village People

You don't need to know everyone in the world. A few hundred will suffice.


Amanda Palmer
Speak For Myself

She can only tell you what she knows about touchy subjects. The rest is up to you.


Amanda Palmer
Ben Folds Fun

Not only did Ben offer Amanda his studio, he lent his production techniques, too.


Amanda Palmer
Big Ben

The record started small, grew bigger with the addition of Ben Folds as producer, then ended up a huge project as Amanda took ownership of the business aspects, too.


Amanda Palmer
Tour of Faith

Talk about believing in your fans. Amanda and crew hit the road with their fingers crossed.


Amanda Palmer
Trip to the ER

Should you find yourself in Ireland, take extra care of yourself to avoid this predicament.


Amanda Palmer
Where's the Line?

A discussion on censorship is a good step toward ending it.


Amanda Palmer
Associated for Life

The money's great, but keep in mind you'll be forever associated with a product.


Amanda Palmer
Guitar Hero Reality

Even when you get what you and everyone else wants, it can still leave you looking for comfort.