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DM Stith


DM Stith
Moms and Daughters Understand

Many will never love American Idol. Yet some now hate it less, which is progress, right?


DM Stith
Will Work for Clothes or Shoes

Money is one motivator, I guess. But there's probably nothing wrong with having your music tied to a worthy product.


DM Stith
Evidence of a Creative Spark

And hey, if someone wanted to Britney Spears his music up, that'd be OK.


DM Stith
Keep Microphones Away From the Fridge!

Recording at home means the temptation to eat instead of work is always present.


DM Stith
Sheltered by the School Walls

Grad school has been like a great escape from the current economic crisis.


DM Stith
No Wonder They Have Bad Teeth

How can anyone call Marmite a great food discovery?

Dm_stith_fav_recipe_medium Creative Commons License

DM Stith
Going Green

If you cook 'em just right, even your veggies taste good.


DM Stith
Must Hear Music

The goal is to get listeners to fall in love with your music. So much so they'll go out and buy it.


DM Stith
Great Alternative Rock Lines!

Success is all in the palms of his hands.


DM Stith
Little Besides Bjork

His collection adds up to a great, big Bjorkestra.