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Matthew Dear


Matthew Dear
Learn From the Old, Keep Up with the New

New artists need to have a well-rounded knowledge of popular music, both past and present. Oh, and don't be a whore.


Matthew Dear
Internet Killed the MTV Star

The internet isn't better for music than MTV, just different.


Matthew Dear
Techno Music is Great for Relationships

Indeed, techno has a strong human factor.

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Matthew Dear
Mix 'n' Match Me

Inviting fans to remix your music can open you up to whole new interpretations of your work.


Matthew Dear
Detroit Rocker, New York Softie

Music made in New York is softer than what he created in Detroit. Could he be showing his age?


Matthew Dear
Nightlife Handicaps

In Detroit, music can be an escape. But in New York, sometimes one must escape the city just to make music.

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Matthew Dear
Recession? I'll Drink to That!

If anything, the recession has put the music business into a holding pattern. Everybody's waiting to see what summer brings.


Matthew Dear
All You Need is Love

It's hard not to love the Love.


Matthew Dear
When Will They Come Out with Techno Hero?

It's a gateway to music, but only time will tell if Guitar Hero leads to kids becoming real musicians.