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Alina Simone


Alina Simone
Boston to Austin

Alina does not waste time. She moved across the country as soon as she could.


Alina Simone
Scared Shitless

Alina doesn't consider herself an expert on the Boston music scene simply because she was too scared to participate.


Alina Simone
Totally, No Problem

Alina chickened out after responding to a wanted ad, even though she may have musically fit the bill.


Alina Simone
Get the F Out

Alina wouldn't meet up with George Bush because he's such a poor listener. It's just time for him to leave office.


Alina Simone
She's on a Mexican Radio

Alina opened for Stan Ridgway on short notice, but didn't exactly prepare for the gig.


Alina Simone
No Analog Goddess

Alina is a fan of Pro Tools, and doesn't pretend to be anything else.


Alina Simone
Fascism in 2008

McCain's stance on gay adoption made no sense to Alina. Not that she's voting for him anyway.


Alina Simone
Alina's Year in Review

You won't catch Alina out partying on New Year's. She's got to take inventory of her life.


Alina Simone
Serious Resolutions

Alina and her high school sweetheart aren't the only ones taking stock of their lives every New Year's Eve. There's a whole crew creating mottos to live by.


Alina Simone
Acme Alina

Alina and her worst-band-name-ever band performed for the first time at the Acme Underground, and she's got the sad photos to prove it.