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The Feelies


The Feelies
Presidential Truths

Asking George W. Bush if he's been lying to us is sort of like the political "Does this make me look fat?" You know the truthful response is yes, you know their answer will be no and you knew all along.


The Feelies
Inter-Band Intuition

An organic chemistry between band members is just what happens when you've been working together for over 10 years. 


The Feelies
The Anti-Endorsement

Unhappy with the candidates for president, Brenda supports no one and plans to vote PEROT '08! (Just kidding).


The Feelies
Thurston Moore, Secret Fan

Sometimes you're just ashamed of something that you enjoy even though it feels right. And sometimes it takes twenty years and a Starbucks compilation to get over your insecurities but eventually you realize punk is buried and rotten but The Feelies kind of rock.


The Feelies
Weeping to Coldplay

If being brought to tears by "Fix You," thinking Ashlee's nosejob is a major upgrade and occassionally Googling Pete Wentz's nudies are wrong, then I don't wanna be right.

The_feelies_internet_medium Creative Commons License

The Feelies
Spawn of the Net

All of these newfangled gadgets and internets! Back in my day, if we wanted to cut an extended play gramophone record we had to collect nickels for weeks before walking to the studio uphill both ways in the blistering sun and two feet of snow.

The_feelies_karma_medium Creative Commons License

The Feelies
Killer Karma

This talk of karmic justification and babies dying in fiery wreckage gets a little bit tense and depressing. Here's a video of a baby panda sneezing.


The Feelies
Hoboken's Finest

After a 17-year absence from New Jersey's Maxwell's venue, The Feelies return to realize that the Garden State has nostalgia thicker than smog.


The Feelies
Blowing Up Indie

The Feelies respect Arcade Fire for straddling the line between independent and major, all to their advantage.


The Feelies
Who Is This Pete Doherty?

So while Doherty is probably passed out in a gutter and will never know that The Feelies consider him merely a tabloid fixture, we predict the Gallaghers will beat someone's ass in the next three days. Or get quoted in NME.