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The Cliks

The_cliks_healthcare_medium Creative Commons License

The Cliks
Free Healthcare

Yes, The Cliks are Canadian and they have free healthcare. This is not a secret.


The Cliks
Oh Canada!

The music thanks you Canada.


The Cliks
Kick and Ass Are the Wrong Words

The real question is who's karma would you kick? Bushy? Animal haters? Now go to town.
The_cliks_canada_grant_2_medium Creative Commons License

The Cliks
Canada Gives

We think Canada might be the real deal for up and coming artist. Can't argue after this clip.


The Cliks
2 Cuts To Say Fuck

At least censorship has changed through the years. Try censoring the internet like you do for indie music videos on television. Go ahead, we dare ya.

The Cliks
Rock Rules & Backs

In case you didn't know, MTV has different rules for banning backs for rock as opposed to other genres. Also, they say "fuck" and "peach" a lot in this clip. It's cool.


The Cliks
Hate My Art If You're Hot

The Cliks don't have issues with lovers hating their music as long as said lovers are hot.

The Cliks
Canadians Speak Out!

The ladies take issue with the current U.S. administration's foreign policy. They advocate stopping the war and saving lives.

The_cliks_fans_medium Creative Commons License

The Cliks
Judge Us By Our Music

Haters be warned: if you want to discount The Cliks' music because they happen to be a group of rockin' girls, you're missing out.


The Cliks
Whole Lotta Luck

See if you can follow this chain of events: Lucas hands off demo to a manager; said manager hands off demo to Cyndi Lauper's manager; who happens to be sitting on a plane next to a VP of Tommy Boy; who later signs the girls to her label and here we are.