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Kaki King

Kaki_king_high_school_2__medium Creative Commons License

Kaki King
Jesus Crack Kills

Kaki carried a Little Red Book instead of a Bible, and listened to British music instead of hymns, yet she was considered the bizarre one.


Kaki King
Last Douche Out The Door

Normal fans have healthy boundaries with an artist and are stoked for a casual encounter, but superfans are where it often gets hairy.


Kaki King
The Most Sensible Rock N’ Roll Answer

Ladies, check it out, she’s totally down, take the chance and let her know how fuckin’ hard she rocks!

Kaki_king_election_medium Creative Commons License

Kaki King
Yellow Talking Dog Democrat

Oddly Kaki's Grandma impression is almost exactly identical to her Michael Jackson impression.


Kaki King
Spud Sympathy

If only Kaki was sent to Galaxy High, with Doyle and Amy, then she’d be a true ’Teenager In Outer Space.’

Kaki King
Guitar Hero Anxiety Attack

Virtual rocking becomes ultra complicated, especially if you can actually play.


Kaki King
Anyone Else But You

Don’t fucking compare Kaki to Juno, Kaki has better taste in music and would never use a hamburger phone.
Kaki_king_indie_2__medium Creative Commons License

Kaki King
You Tell Me That It's Evolution

Pack up your thick-framed glasses, your skinny-leg flood pants, your chuck taylors, your mullet headed pho-hawk, your headband, your moustache and your newsboy hat and get the fuck out of here.

Kaki_king_indie__medium Creative Commons License

Kaki King
Indie Used To Mean Something

"Indie" is a difficult label to slap on these days; Kaki encourages us all to help redefine the word.

Kaki_king_influences__medium Creative Commons License

Kaki King
Triumph Of The Trained

Kaki must admire Pac Man Champion Carlos Daniel Borrego Romero, who dedicated his life to a yellow circle chasing around dots, fruit and colored blobs.