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Girl in a Coma


Girl in a Coma
Blackheart Jett

Seriously, did you think Joan Jett wouldn't take care of the artists she signs to her label, Blackheart records?

Girl in a Coma
San Antonio Love

By watching this clip, you relinquish all rights to complain that "I don't know of any kick-ass local bands" the next time you're in San Antonio.


Girl in a Coma
Date a Hater? Fuck No!

At least when you're dating a hater, they can't emotionally yell "oh yeah, well I always hated your music!" when you break up.

Girl in a Coma
Henry's Puffy Taco

If you thought sippin' on a Lone Star beer while enjoying a puffy taco were things that only happened in a trailer park, think again.


Girl in a Coma
Coke Nose

You know you've made a friend for life when you make someone shoot cola out of their nose in front of a packed cafeteria.

Girl in a Coma
DIY Indie

Here's a little known fact - "indie" is actually short for independent, which means I don't need any fucking help.


Girl in a Coma
Joan Jett

Joan Jett sounds like the best boss ever. Joan, if you're watching this, I'm a pretty skilled handclapper/whistler.

Girl in a Coma
We Play For You

Bad day? Too bad mamacita. Suck it up and put on a happy face! The fans are depending on you.


Girl in a Coma
Indie & Damn Proud of It

Get that major label deal out of their faces! These girls are all about being in control of their own shit.

Girl in a Coma
Shut Your Eyes, Open Your Ears

Girl in a Coma wants to remind you to enjoy music with your ears, and not your eyes. Unless you're deaf. Then by all means, continue to use your eyes.