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The Donnas


The Donnas
Kamikaze Rock Mission

We'd give anything to see the early Donnas in Japan. Sweaty rock clubs and lack of proper showers bodes well from some explosive moments.
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The Donnas
Rock N' Roll Burka Babes With Self Respect

The Donnas have it right. Less is more. Eyes only is hot.


The Donnas
Disturbing Crowd Behavior

The Donnas recall a disturbing tour story involving a local concert-goer with a penchant for rubbing up against ladies in the crowd.

The Donnas
Shoes, Pants And Underpants Required

For some reason, especially in Germany and Belgium, men tend to jump up on stage and strip during the The Donnas' sets. Fellas, when the girls start hitting you with their instruments, it's a sign to get off the stage.


The Donnas
Red Bull Gives You Wings Too

Fans, take note: airborne aspirations are usually a mistake, especially when you are dusted at a Donnas show.

The Donnas
Not Jumpin’ Jesus Freaks

You’re never gonna get a Donnas threesome, so if your goal is to hit it, focus on just one of them.

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The Donnas
‘You Write About Me In Your Diary’

As a recovering Donnaholic, it would totally be safe to date me, we could make out under my autographed fan photo, listening to ‘Steal Yer Lunch Money’ all night long.


The Donnas
Fantastic Florianopolis

The girls recount the amazing experience they had down south in Brazil.


The Donnas
The Awesome Power Of Austin

Hopefully the girls got stopped at the top of the Ferris wheel on their romantic trek through Paris.
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The Donnas
Feminist Follies

By now 'Tammy' (protagonist in an early song by The Donnas) has surely shaved her legs, put on a bra and popped out a couple of mini suburban feminists of her own.