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The OaKs


The OaKs
Thong Bike vs. Cooler Scooter

Riding a 3 wheeled bike in a thong = weird. Riding a cooler with wheels and a motor strapped to it = perfectly alright.

The OaKs
Badge Nazis

1 badge and some sweet talk might work to get 2, maybe 3 people tops into a SXSW venue. But 7? Oh no, the badge nazis don't play that shit.


The OaKs
Barter System

I might be going crazy, but did The Oaks just offer to trade their new album for some free food?

The OaKs
SXSW Survival

The Oaks offer some handy SXSW survival tips, like don't be afraid to drop 'bows.


The OaKs

Standing for 6 hours straight in hot, cramped, alcohol infused downtown Austin to see some of your favorite bands? That's fucking hardcore, Melissa.

The OaKs
A Load of Kabullshit

To an Afghani, the average American is a mysterious white face who knows how to box and save lives in the ocean.


The OaKs
Afghanistan WOW

Most Americans arrogantly think of Afghanistan as a war torn craphole, but it's actually one of the nicest places to visit in Europe :)

The OaKs

The OaKs laugh at those musicians who have mastered only one instrument. One instrument?? Ha! For shame!


The OaKs
Pass The Blame

All of our country's problems aren't necessarily George Bush's fault. Some are his dad's as well.

The OaKs
Hmm Hmm Hmmm Hmm

You know you're destined for one-hit wonder status when your biggest song is just you humming.