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Sondre Lerche


Sondre Lerche
Edvard Grieg's House

Oh yeah, well in America you can visit the home of Ernest Hemingway, which is ruled by its own mutant strand of cats!

Sondre Lerche
He Who Shall Not Be Named

President Bush is the new Lord Voldemort.


Sondre Lerche
Aint No Mountain High Enough

Let me save you the trouble I just had trying to figure out where in Central Park this mountain is. He's talking about a city in Norway. (I guess the funicular reference should have tipped me off)

Sondre Lerche
Bleed Me Peggy Lee

Amazing. Is there nothing we can throw at Sondre that he won't find a way to work Peggy Lee into?

Sondre_censorship_medium Creative Commons License

Sondre Lerche
Violent Sex

Sex sells, but violent sex sells better. At least here in America.


Sondre Lerche
Say It Loud

The more times you say COCKSUCKER, the happier we are. FYI, you can also say snatch, gash, beef curtains, muff, axe wound, pussy or any other nasty names you can think of for the female reproductive system.

Sondre_fan_encounter_medium Creative Commons License

Sondre Lerche
A Tasty Morsel

Sondre can eat my cookie any day.


Sondre Lerche
Stroke It

Don't cry for The Strokes, they're still huge in Williamsburg.


Sondre Lerche
The Other 80's

Sondre Lerche loves the 80's--but not the quite in the same way that VH1 loves them.
Sondre_life_altering_medium Creative Commons License

Sondre Lerche
It Can Happen To You, But It Probably Won't

Dreams can come true. At least they can if you're a dreamy and gifted Norwegian rockstar.